Holiday Countdown: Six Weeks to Sanity: Week 2

Week 2: Planning and Organizing

  1. Create a gift list, estimating prices to make sure you stay on budget. Don’t forget wrapping and shipping add cost to each gift! Divide the list into four categories: (1.) gifts to be shipped, (2.) big-ticket or time-consuming gifts, (3.) gifts to be hand delivered, and (4.) easy gifts to pick-up.
  2. Talk with your family about your holiday card; choose a picture, theme, or style. Order or purchase supplies. If sending a letter, write a first draft and send it around the family for editing and revisions.
  3. Take inventory of your holiday decorations. Does anything need to be replaced or updated?
  4. Clean out closets and less used spaces like guest rooms.
  5. Freeze two extra meals and make a few batches of cookie dough for the freezer.

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