January 2009 Monthly Checklist

January 1 - Write out one goal for January. Start working on that goal today.

January 2 - Find homes for all the gifts you received over the holidays. If anything needs to be returned, do so now.

January 3 - Weed out 10 files in your filing cabinet.

January 4 - Locate all active TV remotes and put them in a basket near the television viewing area. Add the TV Guide and Cable Guide so everything is in one place.

January 5 - Consolidate all television games (Nintendo, Wii, etc.) to one basket or box. Include all remotes, steering wheels, microphones and so on.

January 6 - Toss all expired or won't-be-used grocery coupons.

January 7 - Put away your holiday decorations. Be sure everything is labeled and together for next year.

January 8 - Walk around your house with window cleaner and shine all the mirrors and faucets in your home.

January 9 - Organize your dining room table. Clear it of all papers and anything that doesn't belong there. Put a pretty tablecloth on top and have your next meal on that table.

January 10 - Take 10 clothing items you don't like over to Goodwill.

January 11 - Call a friend or relative you didn't get a chance to call over the holidays. Give him or her your undivided attention and really show you care.

January 12 - Go through one bag/box in your attic and decide whether the contents are worthy of keeping. If not, drive those items over to your favorite local charity.

January 13 - Look through your calendar and find one activity you are no longer interested in doing. Do what you need to do to cancel it.

January 14 - Clear off the top and surface of your refrigerator.

January 15 - Set up a mail center so there's one place for everyone's mail to be picked up. Be sure there's a way to sort the mail for each person, such as individual trays or folders.

January 16 - Do something special for your mom or a special mom in your life.

January 17 - Use up any postage stamps that are less than the current denomination.

January 18 - Get rid of a pair of shoes that hurt too much to wear.

January 19 - Do something special with each of your children.

January 20 - Organize one of the shelves in your pantry.

January 21 - Determine the 3 prime-time TV shows you enjoy the most and make plans to watch or DVR only those shows. Spend your non-TV time enjoying a favorite hobby.

January 22 - Make annual doctor and dentist appointments for you and your family members. Do the same for your pets.

January 23 - Catch up on the laundry. Don't stop until it's all cleared out. If it's way too much, bring everything to your local laundromat so you can use several washers and dryers at the same time.

January 24 - Clear the surface of your desk at home and at work. A clear, empty space gives you plenty of room for thinking and creativity.

January 25 - Sort through photos today, whether hard copy or digital. Try to spend at least 30 minutes on this task.

January 26 - Move your sofa and recliner chairs and vacuum under them.

January 27 - Have your car checked out. Get needed services, such as tire rotations or oil changes.

January 28 - Pick a messy drawer in your home or office and organize it. Toss whatever you can and sort the stuff the rest of the stuff that belongs.

January 29 - Return any pending calls. Clear out the messages on your voicemail &/or answering machine.

January 30 - Make or buy whatever you need for Valentine's Day. Wrap it up and write out the card so it's all ready when needed in two weeks.

January 31 - Start getting things together for tax time &/or your accountant. April 15th will be here before you know it.

Adapted from Get Organized Now by Maria Gracia.


Its time to get your holiday cards addressed and mailed. Here is a list of the official USPS abbreviations.

State Abbreviations
Alabama - AL
Alaska - AK
American Somoa - AS
Arizona - AZ
Arkansas - AR
California - CA
Colorado - CO
Connecticut - CT
Delaware - DE
District of Columbia - DC
Federated States of Micronesia - FM
Florida - FL
Georgia - GA
Guam - GU
Hawaii - HI
Idaho - ID
Illinois - IL
Indiana - IN
Iowa - IA
Kansas - KS
Kentucky - KY
Louisiana - LA
Maine - ME
Marshall Islands - MH
Maryland - MD
Massachusetts - MA
Michigan - MI
Minnesota - MN
Mississippi - MS
Missouri - MO
Montana - MT
Nebraska - NE
Nevada - NV
New Hampshire - NH
New Jersey - NJ
New Mexico - NM
New York - NY
North Carolina - NC
North Dakota - ND
Northern Mariana Islands - MP
Ohio - OH
Oklahoma - OK
Oregon - OR
Palau - PW
Pennsylvania - PA
Puerto Rico - PR
Rhode Island - RI
South Carolina - SC
South Dakota - SD
Tennessee - TN
Texas - TX
Utah - UT
Vermont - VT
Virgin Islands - VI
Virginia - VA
Washington - WA
West Virginia - WV
Wisconsin - WI
Wyoming - WY

Military "State" Abbreviation
Armed Forces Africa - AE
Armed Forces Americas (except Canada) - AA
Armed Forces Canada - AE
Armed Forces Europe - AE
Armed Forces Middle East - AE
Armed Forces Pacific - AP