Organization Tip of the Week #12

Here are 13 essentials for completing your spring-cleaning according to Heloise:
  1. wet mop
  2. dry mop
  3. vacuum cleaner
  4. step-ladder/stool
  5. trash bags
  6. paper towels
  7. sponges/scrubbing pads
  8. all-purpose cleaner
  9. bathroom tub and tile cleaner
  10. abrasive cleanser
  11. chlorine bleach
  12. white vinegar
  13. fabric-softener sheets

Organization Tip of the Week #11

Heloise, the Queen of Clean, says the secret to spring-cleaning is to keep your focus. Gather your tools and supplies. Then go into one room to clean and don't leave the room until you're done.

Organization Tip of the Week #10

Before you start anything, determine its goal. If you don't know where you're going, how will you ever get there? Set mini-goals and reward yourself for successes.

Organization Tip of the Week #9

Plan ahead. Make a schedule allowing for more time than you think is needed. It is better to have a few extra minutes than to run behind schedule.