April 2009 Monthly Checklist

Welcome to the monthly organizing checklist. There's a different organizing suggestion for you to do every day of the month... all easy, down-to-earth, and no thinking 'what should I do?' required. When the month changes, so does the checklist.

April 1 (April Fool's Day)
Write down 3 things you’re grateful for and 3 things you’d like to change.

April 2
Create a new habit. Pick one of the things from yesterday you want to change. A new habit takes 21 days to stick. Challenge yourself to a start a new habit this month.

April 3
Take 2 bags out to your car. In one bag, toss all of the trash. In the other bag, put everything that doesn’t belong in the car.

April 4
Get someone to help and flip your mattress.

April 5 (Palm Sunday)
Go room to room and try to toss one thing from each one.

April 6
Clean your coffee pot with some white vinegar and water.

April 7
Dust all of your lampshades.

April 8
Clean out the refrigerator.

April 9 (First day of Passover)
Clean all of the mirrors in your house.

April 10 (Good Friday)
Check your wallet for any unused gift cards.

April 11 (Holy Saturday)
Balance your checkbook.

April 12 (Easter Sunday)
Enjoy a nice relaxing Easter Sunday.

April 13 (Easter Monday)
Plant some flowers. If you live in an apartment, buy a potted flower to grow.

April 14
Choose one new recipe to try this week. Add the ingredients to your grocery list.

April 15
Be sure your taxes are in the mail.

April 16 (Last Day of Passover)
Learn something new today. Read a newspaper or Internet article about something you are unfamiliar with.

April 17
Mail a card or note to someone you care about.

April 18
Toss your shower curtain in the washer with hot water.

April 19
Check all houseplants for watering. If you have some, add plant food.

April 20
If it’s warm enough, open all of the windows and let in some spring-fresh air.

April 21
Enjoy some family time. Turn off the TV and play a game together.

April 22 (Earth Day and Administrative Professional's Day)
Look in your medicine cabinet/basket and note anything that needs to be replenished such as band-aids or antacids.

April 23
Be sure your pets are up-to-date on their checkups and shots.

April 24
Clean out your purse.

April 25
Make certain all of your month-end bills are paid.

April 26
Check for May birthdays, anniversaries, etc., and make a note to buy/send cards.

April 27
If it’s been 3 months, change your toothbrush.

April 28
Plan your meals for the week. Defrost items to be used in the next few days.

April 29
If you like to bake, make something special for your family today.

April 30
Plan something relaxing to do this weekend.

The Ultimate Blog Party - Winners

All the numbers have been tabulated (thanks to Random Number Generator), answers were reviewed for qualifying party go-ers, and finally winners chosen.

Many party go-ers did not read the introductions thoroughly and so were, unfortunately, removed from the final qualifying round. At each blog, I asked a specific question and kindly requested a specific answer. If the question was overlooked or not answered, the individual was sadly eliminated. Luckily, many party go-ers did read the introductions, so the winners are...

At All Things Cherished, Aunt Rene (#20) of Aunt Rene won Pillow Talk by iMom.

At 365 Days of Christmas, Blp3 (#28) of Let's Talk Politics won The Heart and Home of Christmas by Karla Dornacher.

At 365 Day of Memories, Jenny (#52, non-blogger) won the four pack of handmade cards made by me.

At 365 Days of Organization, Forest Green (#51) of Katrina Relocators won a planner.

Congratulations to all the winners!

Thanks to so many for all the compliments about me and my blogs this past week. I have been truly touched by your kindness.

Overcoming Procrastination When Organizing

Try these 13 strategies to combat procrastination and gain the motivation you need to get organized.

Procrastination is one of the main causes of poor time management when it comes to getting organized.

The definition of procrastination is to postpone or delay action needlessly.

Notice that the definition doesn't say to postpone or delay for a valid or logical reason. The defining word is "needlessly." Sometimes there's a good reason to delay an action or a decision, like if you don't have enough information or if something else logically has to come first.

When you're in the bad habit of procrastinating, you continually add to your "mental pile" of items to do later. Each task often ends up buried in more things you've put off. What you put off for later becomes a less important priority as time goes on, but in reality may become even more urgent.

By using the following thirteen strategies, you'll be well on your way to getting organized in your life and home, and ultimately be a happier, more productive person.

Mental Strategies

  1. Vividly imagine the way you'll feel inside after the task or project is complete.
  2. Focus on your desired result, not your fear or inaction.
  3. Imagine yourself completing the task or project easily, quickly, and with no setbacks.
  4. Tune into your procrastination language in your head and derail it with positive thoughts of "I want to," "I can," and "I enjoy" instead.
  5. Let go of perfectionism. Many things aren't worth doing perfectly, so just start and do your best.

    Physical Strategies

      1. Get an accountability buddy to keep you on task along the way.
      2. Work out the project's steps on paper in advance to clarify your thoughts and eliminate the emotional whirlwind around why you don't want to begin the task.
      3. Master the art of starting. Over and over again.
      4. Do the hard parts first. Or...
      5. Do the easy parts first. Whichever motivates you more is the one you should choose.
      6. Keep a progress log so you don't lose sight of how much you have accomplished.
      7. Break your project into small, manageable chunks and create interim deadlines for yourself along the way.
      8. Build in rewards for yourself as you finish each step and when the project is completed.

    This artilce was adapted. Article originally written by Monica Ricci.

    The Ultimate Blog Party 2009

    Welcome to 365 Days of Organization!

    My Brief Introduction

    I am: a single mother, a foster mother, a college graduate, a Master's of Education candidate, a feminist, a daughter, a sister, an aunt, a niece, a heterosexual, a lover and owner of Chihuahuas, a lover and previous owner of Cocker Spaniels, eclectic, sassy, unique, allergic to milk, an Internet addict, a Christian, a friend, a shoulder to cry on, a listening ear, a counselor, a teacher, a kid at heart, an adult, a woman, a female, a sexual assault survivor, someone working to prevent sexual assault, a chocoholic, a book lover, a scrapbook artist, a photographer, German, Welsh, American, 5'1", a blog junkie, a Christmas fanatic, an advocate for children, supporter of education, a crime show watcher, a hopeful writer . . . I am ME.

    To learn more about me go to my main blog, All Things Cherished.
    To learn more about my love of Christmas, go to 365 Days of Christmas.
    To learn more about my love of scrapbooking, go to 365 Days of Memories.


    Here, at 365 Days of Organization, the prize is a high-quality, full-color planner. You have a choice of one planner from primary age through high-school aged children or adults. The dates are from July 2009 through June 2010 so, of course, they are current calendars. There are quotes and other misc. information included. I am happy to be able to share two planners with two lucky winners.

    If you are interested in the planners, please let me know what spot in your home is the hardest to organize.

    At All Things Cherished, the prize is an awesome journal you share with your child. Pillow Talk is a creative way to communicate with your child. Got a secret to share, some admiration to express, or a word of thanks for a job well done? Why not put it in writing? On the pages of Pillow Talk, you'll find 100 relationship building questions for you and your child to answer. In today's world of virtual communication, give your kids the real deal. Something tangible they can see and touch and look at again and again, whenever they want to feel connected with you. The journal is an awesome way to bond with your child(ren) and I am so happy to be able to give one to a lucky winner.

    At 365 Days of Memories, the prize is a four-pack of handmade cards. I love scrapbooking and paper-crafting. Recently, I have gotten some very nice compliments on my cards. I am excited to give one lucky winner a pack of four cards for various occasions and holidays.

    At 365 Days of Christmas, the prize is a lovely, hardcover book titled The Heart & Home of Christmas by Karla Dornacher. Artist Karla Dornacher celebrates the Christmas season with her first holiday title. Page after cozy page features her signature artwork with its warm and home-style feel, along with her gentle words of inspiration. I love this book and am so excited to be able to share it with one lucky winner.

    Thanks for stopping by.