Stain Chart

The best defense against stains is information -- knowing how to attack a particular spot before it sets permanently into the fabric. Since there are so many kinds of stains, each with its own best cleaning method, it's difficult to memorize them all. That's where this convenient chart comes in: It's a comprehensive listing of stains, from grease to ink, along with advice on how to handle them for washable items. You can download the chart and print it out. Place in a page protector and hang in the laundry room/area.

Organization Tip of the Week #15

Use a Basket In Your Car to Help You Stay Organized

Do you have any baskets lying around your home that are not being used? If you do, give them a new life and use one in your car.

Place a medium-sized basket by the door you use to leave the house every day. Anything that needs to go out the door with you gets placed into the basket. When you leave the house take the basket with you and put it in the car.
As you run your errands, anything you receive goes into the basket, such as receipts or dry cleaner slips.

When you get home, anything else in the car (cups, wrappers, etc.) go into the basket and you take the basket back into the house with you. Unpack the basket put all the items into their proper place.

When the basket is empty it is placed near the door and the process begins all over again.

Organization Tip of the Week #14

Mount a long magnet along the back of your medicine cabinet to hold tweezers, little scissors, clippers, and other small metal objects.

Organization Tip of the Week #13

Don't rely on your memory. You run the risk of letting tasks fall through the cracks. The best way to never forget an appointment, a deadline, or a detail again, is to write everything down.

Organization Tip of the Week #12

Here are 13 essentials for completing your spring-cleaning according to Heloise:
  1. wet mop
  2. dry mop
  3. vacuum cleaner
  4. step-ladder/stool
  5. trash bags
  6. paper towels
  7. sponges/scrubbing pads
  8. all-purpose cleaner
  9. bathroom tub and tile cleaner
  10. abrasive cleanser
  11. chlorine bleach
  12. white vinegar
  13. fabric-softener sheets

Organization Tip of the Week #11

Heloise, the Queen of Clean, says the secret to spring-cleaning is to keep your focus. Gather your tools and supplies. Then go into one room to clean and don't leave the room until you're done.

Organization Tip of the Week #10

Before you start anything, determine its goal. If you don't know where you're going, how will you ever get there? Set mini-goals and reward yourself for successes.