March 2009 Monthly Checklist

March 1
Schedule your annual doctor's appointment for yourself and everyone in the family.

March 2
Do some research on vitamins so you can ask your doctor at your next appointment what vitamins you and your family should be taking.

March 3
Remove the cushions from your sofas and vacuum out the crumbs and debris.

March 4
Brush up on a procedure or task that you have not done for a while at work.

March 5
In this volatile economy, make sure to keep your resume updated and money in the bank. Job security is a thing of the past so you need to be prepared just in case.

March 6
Start decorating for Spring &/or Easter.

March 7
Make a list of the things you plan on getting done around the house as winter moves into spring.

March 8
Organize the junk drawer.

March 9 -- Daylight Savings Time Begins
Make sure to change your clocks. It’s 'spring forward' so the clock is turned ahead one hour.

March 10
When was the last time you took a look at the books on your bookshelves? Take all the books off the shelves. Put the books you plan on no longer reading again in a box to give away to a local literacy organization, school, or library.

March 11
Today is a day to think about all the things you are grateful for in your life. Sometimes life is so hectic and things happen that we don't expect that we forget about the good things we have in our life. Take the time to start a gratitude journal.

March 12
Plan to see one of the movies that recently won or were nominated for an Oscar during the 81st Academy of Awards ceremony in February.

March 13
Have a marathon ironing session and iron everything in your closet that needs it.

March 14
Have you ever considered taking up yoga? It is a great way to relax and get fit at the same time.

March 15
Federal and state income taxes are due a month from now. If you haven't put together all of your records and forms, do so now. The sooner you get your taxes prepared, the sooner you will receive a refund.

March 16
Have you brushed up on your computer skills lately? If there is something you have been meaning to learn more about regarding your computer, take the initiative now and learn it.

March 17 -- St. Patrick’s Day
Make sure everyone in the family has an umbrella for those rainy days of Spring.

March 18
Today looks like a great day to do a good deed for someone you don't know. That could be as simple as paying someone a quick compliment or helping an elderly person with groceries.

March 19
Let your creative side flow today. Take out those crafts that are sitting aside waiting to be started and work on them.

March 20 -- First Day of Spring
Open the garage and do some light cleaning to get rid of winter evidence (sweep it out, cover the snow blower, etc.)

March 21
Plan out your garden. Check out seed and plant catalogs and websites. Start thinking about what you want to plant.

March 22
If you're planning a vacation getaway in the summer or fall, start planning ahead for flight information, hotel, and activities to get the best deals.

March 23 Pull out your spring/summer decorations and accessories. It’s time to put away the winter decor for another year.

March 24 -- Happy Birthday Harry Houdini
Think 'magic.' Learn something new about the history of magic or see a show regarding magic.

March 25
Wash the winter coats, jackets, and other heavy clothing items so they can be packed away and replaced with spring and summer items.

March 26
Houseplants are a great thing to have in your home. They help to clean up the air and give a fresh look to the room they reside in.

March 27
Do you know when your next car maintenance appointment is? If not already scheduled, schedule it now.

March 28
Have your lawnmower and other yard equipment checked and blades sharpened, if needed. Grass will start growing again soon, if it hasn't already.

March 29
It’s a new season and a good idea to double-check the budget and make sure everything is in order.

March 30
Spring is a great time to deep clean the refrigerator and freezer. Go through everything and check expiration dates. Toss old items. Clean and disinfect the walls and shelving.

March 31 Become prepared. Watch out for jokes tomorrow and/or think of a friendly joke to play on someone. Tomorrow is April Fool’s Day.


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